Consort - Burton Safes

Consort Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
Size 3K 275x395x300 280x400x350 32.00 ltr. 15.00kg. Now £159.60
Was £180.00
Size 3E 275x395x300 280x400x350 32.00 ltr. 15.00kg. Now £189.60
Was £220.80
Primary Use:
Cash Rating:
£1,000 Cash Rating (£10,000 Jewellery Rating)

Other Consort Range Features:

Excellent small safe for customers with limited space or room in their homes and great for family and friends in Retirement properties. Really easy installation and you can choose either a key locking or digital opening.
  • Choice of key or digital locking
  • Electronic versions feature new anti-bump design
  • Electronic versions have emergency over-ride key and external emergency power pack
  • Electronic versions have a backlit display for easier use in dark cupboards
  • Size 3 is suitable for laptop computers
  • Removable shelf in sizes 3 & 4
  • Back and base fixing