Neso Fingerprint Security Safes SS0200F Series - Phoenix Safes

Neso Fingerprint Security Safes SS0200F Series Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
SS0201F 245x345x190 250x350x250 16.00 ltr. 9.00kg. Now £103.20
Was £156.00
SS0202F 295x375x240 300x380x300 26.00 ltr. 13.00kg. Now £121.20
Was £192.00
SS0203F 495x345x250 500x350x310 42.00 ltr. 17.00kg. Now £151.20
Was £246.00
Primary Use:
Cash Rating:
£1,000 Cash Rating (£10,000 Jewellery Rating)
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Other Neso Fingerprint Security Safes SS0200F Series Range Features:

The Phoenix Neso Series of Electronic Fingerprint Locking Safes are ideal for use at home or in the office for the storage of cash or valuabes

  • Fitted with high quality electronic biometric lock programmable with up to 20 individual fingerprints. LED lights show the status of the lock and batteries
  • These safes are fitted with an over-ride key-lock system should the user lock the safe out or forget the codes
  • Ready prepared for floor or wall mounting (Supplied with bolts suitable for brick walls or concrete floors)
  • Supplied with a fitted shelf unit allowing you to better organise your contents