Principe S2 Gun Cabinet (Holds up to 8 Guns) - Lichfield Luxury Safes

Principe S2 Gun Cabinet (Holds up to 8 Guns) Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
BW 8 Gun Rack 1660x750x530 170x910x640 - 205.00kg. £6,038.40
AW 4 Glass Shelves 1660x750x530 1700x910x640 - 205.00kg. £6,698.40
Primary Use:
Cash Rating:
£4,000 Cash Rating (£40,000 Jewellery Rating)
ECB-S Certified:
The Principe S2 Gun Cabinet (Holds up to 8 Guns) by Lichfield Luxury Safes is guaranteed maximum security properties according to European standards.

Principe S2 Gun Cabinet (Holds up to 8 Guns) Features:

A brilliant luxury Gun Cabinet that is lined in flock for a stylish finish. 

This safe is ideal for the clients who love to keep their guns and ammunition in an elegant and organised way, and who like to admire their possessions. The addition of a internal locking box at the bottom of the Bespoke Cabinet is also extremely useful for your important documents and smaller items which need safe keeping, such as; passports, gun licenses, contents insurance etc.

  • This beautiful Gun Cabinet has a S2 Security Rating (£4,000 Cash Rating / £40,000 Valuable Cover)
  • The weight is 205 kgs which is weighty enough from a security point of view however, light enough to grace your home.
  • 4 Robust Locking Bolts for high security
  • ECB.S Approved - Meets the European Standards EN 14450
  • Exceeds the Police Specification 
  • Front is made with Ballistic Glass (bullet and attack resistant glass)
  • Lined with luxurious flock, available in Cherry Red, British Racing Green or Warm Beige 
  • External Colours; Black, White, Briar Root, Nut, Maple, Cherry Wood, Oak for you to choose from
  • Soft Foam Racking to keep your Guns protected and organised 
  • Can have the option of an ammunition box at the bottom or shelves - useful for additional storage  
  • Option of LED Lights around the inside of the frame - which enhances the look of your Guns and Rifles
  • Key Locking as standard, however we can arrange for Digital Locking for maximum flexability


In summary, a fantastic Gun Cabinet which is outstanding in it's design, quality and elegance... perfect