Stacker Travel Jewellery Boxes - Jewellery/ Watch Accessories

Stacker Travel Jewellery Boxes Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
Petite Box - 36x80x43 - 1.00kg. £23.00
Medium Box - 42x160x70 - 1.00kg. £33.00
Croc Round Box - 45x120x120 - 1.00kg. £35.00
Croc Oval Box - 45x175x100 - 1.00kg. £40.00
Bracelet Charm Box - Medium - 1.00kg. £45.00
Sleek Necklace Box - 50x270x120 - 1.00kg. £55.00
Large Box - 50x200x90 - 1.00kg. £60.00
Primary Use:

Stacker Travel Jewellery Boxes Features:

Keep your sparkle with you, these Travel Jewellery Boxes are a must for your journeys! Various internal compartments enable you to carry and protect your favourite pieces. It provides a unique space for all types of jewellery, from bracelets to rings, to charms and watches. Keep your ever-expanding jewellery collection tangle-free and organised.


These are also a great way to save space inside of your Safe, while keeping your valuables protected. Forget having loads of differnt boxes for each Jewellery item, when these lovely Jewellery Boxes can store it all while taking up as liitle space as possible. 


- Comes in a range of colours; Navy Croc, Jet Black, Taupe, White, Dusky Blue and Blush Pink

- All lined in a beautiful soft velvet to keep your Jewellery from getting marked 

- Faux leather on the exterior 

- Available in different layouts to accomodate all Jewellery types and sizes

- Rose Gold, Chrome or Gold Hardware