Dione Hotel & Laptop Safes - Phoenix Safes

Dione Hotel & Laptop Safes Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
SS0301E 247x347x190 250x350x250 16.00 ltr. 8.50kg. Now £92.40
Was £133.20
SS0302E 247x447x305 250x450x365 33.00 ltr. 11.50kg. Now £134.40
Was £212.40
SS0311E 197x517x346 200x520x406 35.00 ltr. 13.00kg. Now £164.40
Was £270.00
Primary Use:
Cash Rating:
£1,000 Cash Rating (£10,000 Jewellery Rating)
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Dione Hotel & Laptop Safes Features:

The Phoenix Dione series are ideal for hotel, residential or business use, for the storage of laptops, cash and valuables.

  • Recommended cash rating of £1,000 (£10,000 valuables cover)
  • Models SS0301E & 2E are fitted with an advanced 'user friendly' electronic lock with high security anti tamper or bounce solenoid locking system. For added peace of mind these safes are fitted with a key over-ride facility and Master code facility.
  • Models SS0311E & 12E are fitted with a high security motorized electronic lock, programmable with user and mastercodes. An LED display shows lock status. The lock can also be specified with an optional audit trail reader that can display or print the last 200 openings of the safe. This provides extra security in hotel and office use. For added peace of mind these safes are fitted with a key over-ride facility
  • All models are fitted with a bright LED interior light so that contents can easily be seen, even in the most dimly lit cupboards
  • The internal width of these (excluding SS0301E) makes it ideal for the storage of widescreen laptops
  • Ready prepared for floor or wall mounting (Supplied with bolts suitable for brick walls or concrete floors)
  • Finished in a high quality metallic graphite scratch resistant paint