Luxury Safes

Hand-crafted bespoke safes representing the pinnacle in safe design and craftmanship

We are a husband and wife family business of 27 years with our shop situated in the beautiful market town of Lichfield, Staffordshire. Over the last few years, we’ve found more and more of our clients asking for luxury safes - that is, where the safe can display their jewellery in luxury lined jewellery trays within bespoke wooden drawers and with electronic watch winders, all built into the one personalised luxury safe. We are pleased to be in a unique position to offer this bespoke and tailored service to clients and commercial customers throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Ireland and Europe

Want something truly unique? We're pleased to offer bespoke luxury gun safes for the homeowner looking to build a one of a kind gun cabinet designed to personalised specifications.

We take great pride in being able to take time to listen to our clients' specific requirements to tailor design a perfect solution to organise, protect and secure their jewellery, watches, valuables, passports and important documents. We then work quietly and efficiently behind the scenes to design, manufacture, and hand craft the internal wooden drawers to deliver the finished bespoke safe. We look after all the logistics for then delivering, positioning and ultimately fitting your personally designed luxury safe into a location of your choosing.

When storing precious items in a safe, it is of course imperative that the requirements of your insurers are at least satisfied, if not exceeded. By collaborating with major manufacturers, we are not only able to offer a wide range of models as ‘stock’ sizes, but we can ensure that any insurance obligations are met in full.

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Automatic Watch Winders • Suede & Leather Finishings • Exotic Hardwood Drawers • Custom Paint Jobs • Integrated Gun & Rifle Racks

The only limit to your luxury safe is your imagination!

Döttling Luxury Safes

Döttling restore and build safes with elaborate craftsmanship. So unique is their standard of unparalleled beauty and unique quality. Now in its fourth generation, we share this standard with our customers, putting it into practice every day.

Around the world, safes find homes among select connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the finest locksmith artisanry. Döttling can boast the most comprehensive range of luxury safes in the World. The range consists of the Gyrowinder, a unique feat of engineering, to a full room concept and everything in between. Nothing is impossible. Bespoke pieces can be created whereby pioneering meets breathtaking design.

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Coulson Luxury Safes

Coulson are the only manufacturer of true luxury and bespoke safes in the UK. At Coulson, we know that clients expect attention to detail and innovative design and believe that a ‘luxury safe’ demands more than a coat of paint and flocked lining. Precious objects command optimum care and their owners and guardians appreciate exquisite form above monetary value. At Coulson we believe that we have the opportunity to uphold the British tradition of engineering innovation with quality, producing bespoke safes, luxury safes and security enclosures for discerning customers.

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De Raat Luxury Safes

De Raat is one of the largest safe manufacturers in Europe, supplying customers with security safes of the highest quality for more than 50 years. With manufacturing sites in Italy, Germany and Poland, De Raat can offer a solution to almost any request or customer/insurance requirement. De Raat uses the best materials combined with experienced designers and craftsman to produce high security, exclusive safes that meet our customers expectations. De Raat take pride to delight customers with a passion and enthusiasm to provide excellent service and after sales care.

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Burton Luxury Safes

The Eurovault Lx offers a complete bespoke solution to create your perfect safe. Our team of expert craftsmen and women strive for perfection to create every unique Eurovault Lx masterpiece. The finest solid wood, handcrafted jewellery drawers finished in luxurious suede or leather offering the highest standards of British craftsmanship. Jewellery drawer layouts to suit all type of valuable possessions, including the option of integrated watch winder modules to show off the finest time pieces. Our expert team have designed and created bespoke luxury safes that have been delivered worldwide.

The Eurovault Lx range offers tested and certified security ratings from £10,000 overnight cash rating up to £350,000 overnight rating for jewellery and other valuables, the Eurovault Lx is the ideal secure luxury safe solution.

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Burg Wächter Luxury Safes

Burg Wächter is the largest safe manufacturer in Europe and was established over 95 years ago. Award winning innovation and German precision engineering means our hand crafted luxury safes combine safety and elegance to suit all applications. Burg have the style and craftsmanship to create a bespoke and tailored safe to match any clients desire using the finest materials. Burg safes are exquisitely detailed and finished to the highest standards.

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Our Committment To Our Clients

The feedback we get from clients is amazing. They tell us they are so pleased to have all their valuables in one place, as often these items can be in many drawers, cupboards and ‘hidden’ locations. Clients tell us this bespoke luxury safe is an ideal and stylish way of protecting what is valuable and sentimental to them in a secure and luxurious way.

I’m so happy to have all my jewellery and watches held together in a lovely jewellery tray built into a drawer within my stunning new safe. What a great idea and it was effortless to sort. Thank you Lichfield Safe Centre for telling me about this new type of luxury safe and for your warm and efficient service! Highly recommended!

Abigail - London SW1

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