Frequently Asked Questions

How do you secure the safe down?

The safes are anchored to the floor using manufactured recommended bolt and anchors.

Delivery time?

If the safe is 50 kg or under, delivery would be on our couriers next day delivery service (if order is received by 11am). Delivery of safes over 50 kg would be delivered by pallet on a 2-3 day service or can be delivered by ourselves.

Do you keep the safes in stock?

We keep a wide range of the domestic safes in stock, but if for whatever reason we don't, we can get stock within 2-5 working days.

Can the safes be collected from us?

Yes, you can collect your order directly from us and view a wide range of safes we keep in our showroom.

What is best to fix to?

Concrete is the best material to bolt your safe to as it is solid, wooden floors or external brick walls are great too.

What does cash rating/ jewellery rating mean?

Often Insurance companies will require clients to have a safe installed for either cash or jewellery (valuables). Each safe is given a cash/jewellery rating and this determines on the strength of the safe, thickness of the safe body and door etc.

The physical size of the safes isn't important as the safe is anchored to the fabric of a building. e.g. A safe with a £4,000 recommended cash rating is suitable to secure £40,000 of jewellery (whatever the cash rating x10 for the jewellery rating)


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