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Safe Deposit Boxes

Commercial safety deposit solutions for use in banks, safe deposit centres and hotels

Meet increasing customer demand for the safe storage of important documents and valuables with a custom safe deposit box solution. Designed and manufactured by Burton Safes, one of the world's most trusted and respected brands for physical security. Our safety deposit box installations can be incorporated into vault strong rooms for the utmost in security.

Demos of safety deposit box installations are available by appointment. Call Michael, Gail or Phil now on 01543 268631 or email us at info@lichfieldsafecentre.co.uk to begin planning your safe deposit box installation.

Available Features: Biometric Access • Fully Automated Access • Pull Out Drawers • Electronic Systems • Integrated Alarms

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Shanghai Safe Deposit Boxes

A range of entry level safe deposit boxes, ideal for use in banks, safe deposit centres or hotels.

  • - 10mm thick aluminium alloy door
  • - Stainless steel facia
  • - Dual key locking as standard
  • - 6 different door sizes
  • - 3 standard depths
  • - Optional pull out shelves
  • - Metal inner box as standard with all sizes

Inner Box Dimensions (mm)

Box Size height Width Depth
SSDBB 60 42 120 540/440/340
SSDBB 42 5 120 540/440/340
SSDBB 24 115 120 540/440/340
SSDBB 21 65 250 540/440/340
SSDBB 12 115 250 540/440/340
SSDBB 6 250 250 540/440/340

Vienna Safe Deposit Boxes

The most advanced safe deposit management system on the market today.

  • - A range of high quality safe deposit boxes with high security locks and advanced software options
  • - Ideal for use in banks and safe deposit centres
  • - 6mm steel door
  • - Stainless steel facia
  • - Choice of dual key or, electronic + key locking system
  • - Electronic system offers increased security through permanent monitoring of the door status. Unauthorised entry and tampering will trigger alarms.

Inner Box Dimensions (mm)

Normal Block

Box Size height Width Depth
1 48.5 265 413
2 98.5 265 413
3 148.5 265 413
4 198.5 265 413
5 248.5 265 413
9 448.5 265 413
10 498.5 265 413

Case Block

Box Size height Width Depth
9 448.5 575 413
10 498.5 575 413

Vaduz Safe Deposit Boxes

Fully automated, self-service safe deposit box system that automatically delivers boxes direct from the vault to the client.

  • - Allows 24/7 operation, without the need for staff to be present
  • - Space saving solution with multiple configurations of the vault/storage space
  • - VDS certification of the whole system (vault and boxes)
  • - Choice of security Grades from EN1143-1 Grade VIEX – Grade X EXCD
  • - Modular construction that can be adapted to the space of your individual building
  • - Smaller configurations can be delivered a s a pre-assembled POD with up to 300 boxes
  • - Larger installations are built in situ using pre-fabricated panels
  • - Permanent monitoring of all boxes in their parking position
  • - Monitoring of the payload prevents overloading
  • - Choice of 3 standard box sizes
  • - Box capacity of 15kg-20kg
  • - Access is gained via your choice of PIN, card or, biometric identification

Zurich Safe Deposit System

Upgrade existing key locking safe deposit systems to self service electronic operation.

  • - Reduce staffing costs
  • - Increase security levels with permanent monitoring of the box status
  • - Alarms can be generated in the event of unauthorised access
  • - Simple and quick upgrade with minimal down time
  • - No need to open the boxes to fit the system
  • - Wireless communication avoids damaging/disrupting the existing room
  • - Cheaper and less disruptive than changing your boxes for new electronic models

Call Michael, Gail or Phil now on 01543 268631 or email us at info@lichfieldsafecentre.co.uk to arrange your free personal consultation service and product demo.