Vaults, Strong Rooms, Security Doors & Panic Rooms

Custom solutions for a high level of personal or commercial security

Strongrooms or Vaults are ideal for use where either a standard safe is not big enough or a very high level of security is required. Designed and manufactured by Burton Safes, one of the world's most trusted and respected brands for physical security. Our strong room installations are built to suit different market sectors, budgets and building constraints. Our range includes Panic Rooms, Cash Rooms, ATM pods, Transportable Strongrooms, Security Doors and High Security Vaults.

Our Panic Rooms are specifically designed to be used in domestic properties. Our lightweight construction and low profile panels are ideal for situations where space is of a premium. Each panic room can be integrated into your home and disguised as a normal room. A range of security levels, along with fire and ballistic options are available to ensure we meet your specific need.

Demos of our strong rooms and vaults are available by appointment. Call Michael, Gail or Chloe now on 01543 268631 or email us at [email protected] to begin planning your installation.

Available Features: Forced Locking Sequence • Ballistic Resistance • Fire Protection • Electronic Systems • Integrated Alarms

Panic Rooms & Strong Rooms

Secure sanctuary rooms custom designed to protect you and your family from violent attack.

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Panic rooms offer a safe haven for you and your family in the event of a burglary or robbery. Your room will be custom built to match your specific requirements and perceived threat levels. Bullet resistance and fire protection are available as optional extras.

  • - Create a secure room or zone within your property where you can shelter and wait for assistance
  • - Upgrade a door to a bedroom or cupboard or, create a fully protected room with a secure walling system
  • - Different systems to suit differing risks and budgets
  • - Models with independent attack testing to EN1143-1 or LPS1175
  • - Optional ballistic protection up to FB7 (assault rifles using 7.62mm ammunition)
  • - Special lightweight systems for upstairs locations
  • - Doors that will blend in with the rest of the building
  • - Optional fire protection up to 4 hours

Security Doors For Entrances and Panic Rooms

A range of interior and exterior security doors for homes, offices and listed buildings.

Download brochure for our Burton line of Armoured Security Doors
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Our security doors come in a variety of designs and security levels and can be utilized in exterior and interior settings. These doors can be used alone to upgrade security or can be integrated with a secure walling system to create a secure panic room.

  • - A range of security doors for homes, offices and listed buildings
  • - Specifically designed to blend in with the surrounding building
  • - Independently tested and certified to European standards
  • - High quality acoustic and thermal resistance
  • - Steel core with wood effect coverings
  • - Large choice of finishes, colours and designs
  • - Option to supply your own bespoke panels to match existing décor
  • - Choice of key or electronic locking available
  • - Up to 60 minutes fire resistance available on request
  • - Spy holes available on request
  • - Panic exit hardware available on request
  • - Security glazing available on request
  • - Bullet resistance available on request

Vaults, Strongrooms & Security Enclosures

Security vaults offer a large range of security levels, going up to the very highest possible levels.

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Strongrooms offer the very highest levels of protection against burglary and are suitable for securing many different sites and products including cash, bullion, artworks, jewellery/watch collections, controlled drugs, government archives, safe deposit facilities, critical national infrastructure and other sensitive sites.

They are made from ultra-high density concrete that is reinforced with various special steel armourings and are usually supplied as pre-fabricated panels that are assembled onsite and welded together
from the inside. In special situations cast-in situ versions can also be supplied.

  • - Tested and certified to EN1143-1 Grades I-XIIIEXCD
  • - Ideal for securing anything from artworks to national bank vaults
  • - High level of ballistic resistance*
  • - Designed to be set into concrete walls
  • - Ultra high density, reinforced concrete core with steel cladding
  • - Custom sizes available
  • - Emergency doors available from Grades I-VIIIEXCD
  • - Dual key locking as standard
  • - Option of mechanical combination, electronic PIN or biometric locks
  • - Available with or without a day gate
  • - Day gates can be made of mild steel, stainless steel or glass
  • - Grille gates are available with optional closer and electric strike
  • - Can be supplied with alarm contacts and brackets for seismic detection
  • - Available with 2 locks as standard
  • - A third lock is available as an option
  • - Forced locking sequence available to order
  • * If bullet resistance is required please ask about suitable models for your threat level

Call Michael, Gail or Chloe now on 01543 268631 or email us at [email protected] to arrange your free personal consultation service and product demo.