Keyguard Combi MK/II - Burton Safes

Keyguard Combi MK/II Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
Keyguard combi 80x40x20 115x65x55 - 0.60kg. £31.20
Primary Use:
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Other Keyguard Combi MK/II Range Features:

  • Indoor/Outdoor key safe
  • Very cost effective
  • Ideal for the safe keeping of household keys
  • Allows authorised access for carers, cleaners, workmen, dependents, holiday lets
  • Choose your own code and chamge it whenever you like
  • 4 digit dial combination which is simple to set and change
  • Sliding weather shield protects combination dial from the elements
  • Back fixing