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Digital XL 70x50x20 160x95x56 - 2.00kg. Now £82.58
Was £102.00
Primary Use:
Secured by Design:
The Keyguard Digital XL by Burton Safes meets or exceeds the Police Preferred Specification of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).
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Keyguard Digital XL Features:

Secured By Design Police Approved What is Keyguard Digital XL?
A small safe for storing household keys outside of the property. Most commonly used in the UK by carers to gain access to patients’ properties. It can also be used to allow access to holiday homes and to store spare house keys. It can also be used indoors to store a single car key in a secure place.

Is Keyguard Digital XL suitable for outdoor use?
Yes, its been specifically designed for outdoor use.

Has it been tested?
Yes, its been independently tested and certified to Sold Secure Bronze.

What is Sold Secure Bronze?
Sold Secure is owned and run by the Master Locksmiths Association. They test and approve various security products including door locks, safes, cabinets, padlocks, chain & vehicle locks. Within their standards they have 3 pass levels, Gold, Silver & Bronze. Their certification is widely recognised by the UK Insurance Industry. Visit this link for further details.

Is it insurance approved?
This will be down to individual insurance companies to decide. However, we can say that it has been independently tested and certified by a body that UK Insurance industry recognise and work with. The security level that it has passed means that it is probably superior to the security afforded by many normal household doors. We would therefore not expect an insurance company to have a problem giving cover to properties where the Keyguard Digital XL is used. The product meets the Police preferred specification

Is it as strong as my front door?
That depends on the security level of your individual door. We believe that the average household door could be opened in less time than the Keyguard Digital XL, using the same tools that are available in the Sold Secure Bronze Standard.


  • High security, push button key safe
  • Independently security tested and certifies to Sold Secure Bronze
  • Allows authorised persons to access a property
  • 12 button design gives a high number of potential differs
  • Ideal for use by carers, cleaners, workmen and dependents
  • Can also be used for storing single car keys inside the home
  • Weather resistant cover included
  • Back fixing

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