Luxury gun safes

Luxury Gun Safes

Hand-crafted bespoke luxury gun cabinets to securely display your valued firearms

Over the last few years, we’ve found more and more of our clients asking for luxury gun safes - that is, where the safe can display their collectible firearms in luxury lined cabinets built to personalised specifications. We are pleased to be in a unique position to offer this bespoke and tailored service to clients and commercial customers throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Ireland and Europe

Looking for something even more luxurious? We're pleased to offer fully customised luxury safes for the homeowner looking to build a one of a kind safe designed and built to personalised specifications.

We take great pride in being able to take time to listen to our clients' specific requirements to tailor design a perfect solution to organise, protect and secure their guns. We then work quietly and efficiently behind the scenes to design, manufacture, and hand craft the internal fittings to deliver the finished bespoke gun safe. We look after all the logistics for then delivering, positioning and ultimately fitting your bespoke gun cabinet into a location of your choosing.

Call Michael, Gail or Louise now on 01543 268631 or email us at to begin planning your luxury gun safe.

Integrated Gun & Rifle Racks • Suede & Leather Finishings • Interior Lighting • Exotic Hardwood Drawers • Custom Paint Jobs


Our luxury gun safes combine the features of both a high security gun safe and a luxurious home safe. Available with burglar-proof glass viewing panes or traditional coverings. The only limit is your imagination!

These gun safes can be customised to hold from 2 to 28 rifles (or more!) and can be configured with separated drawers to hold ammunition and accessories. Each of our bespoke gun cabinets are tested to exceed police standards for secure storage of firearms.

Click on each of the gun cabinets shown in order to see better the meticulous craftmanship that goes into each of these safes.


Call Michael, Gail or Louise now on 01543 268631 or email us at to begin planning your luxury gun safe.