Cobalt Round Door - Hydan Safes

Cobalt Round Door Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
Size 1 225x225x225 365x245x245 - 23.00kg. Now £911.88
Was £1,072.80
Size 2 300x295x295 460x315x315 - 27.00kg. Now £937.38
Was £1,102.80
Size 2D 300x295x295 460x315x315 - 27.00kg. Now £998.58
Was £1,174.80
Primary Use:
Cash Rating:
£10,000 Cash Rating (£100,000 Jewellery Rating)
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Cobalt Round Door Features:

The Cobalt Round Door Underfloor Safes are highly secure, robust Safes that are guaranteed to protect your precious valuables. Designed for both domestic and commercial use. These Safes are of the highest quality and standard, British Made products that have been manufactuered by skilled Locksmiths and Engineers with years of experience. 
Cash Rating of £10,000 / Valuable Cover of £100,000
If you would like our specialised Installation Team to deliver and install the Safe for you, please email or give the office a call and we can provide you with a quote!

Door Construction:


  • Solid stainless 30mm thick door x 156mm diameter
  • Secured with a double bitted keylock (VDS class 1)
  • Manual combination and digital locking options
  • 1 x spring loaded re-locker on the main bolt
  • 6 x 6mm x 30mm hardened dowels protect bolts
  • Door is coated in a black environmentally friendly scratch resistant finish
  • Includes a spring-loaded escutcheon to protect the lock 
  • Available in 3 models
  • Deposit version allows multiple users to constantly deposit cash whilst the main body of the safe remains locked
  • Supplied with full installation instructions


Body Construction:


    •    3mm thick Main body

    •    10mm Top Plate

    •    Door locates into a steel 30mm collar

    •    120mm Nylon Neck extension with dust cover Flock lined Interior

    •    Double layered reinforcing top mesh protection for additional security