Euro Vault Gas Strut - Securikey

Euro Vault Gas Strut Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
Euro vault gas strut 95x395x345 150x400x350 13.00 ltr. 12.00kg. Now £141.67
Was £169.20
Primary Use:
Cash Rating:
£1,500 Cash Rating (£15,000 Jewellery Rating)
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Other Euro Vault Gas Strut Range Features:

Euro vault gas strut - Recommended cash rating of £1,500, has a 2mm solid steel electrically welded body, 4mm anti-bludgeon door fitted with 20mm hardened steel locking bolts, Locking is via a motorised lock with keypad - 4 x AA batteries included, Single user code lock similar to those used in hotels (this means the code can be changed each time the safe is used), management over-ride key and master code ensures emergency entry at all times. Automatoc interior light, suitable for floor fixing with bolts supplied.