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Sentinel Plus Models

Model Int. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Ext. Dimensions
(HxWxD) mm
Volume Weight Price
Inc. VAT
ST7+ 6/7 Gun Full - 1308x407x271 - 40.00kg. Now £333.93
Was £409.73
MT5+ 4/5 Gun Extra Tall - 1515x268x271 - 38.00kg. Now £340.44
Was £417.72
SS5+ 4/5 Gun with 203mm Shelf - 1515x268x271 - 38.00kg. Now £340.44
Was £417.72
SL5+ 4/5 Gun with 203mm Internal Locking Top - 1515x268x271 - 38.00kg. Now £364.08
Was £446.72
SS7+ 6/7 Gun with 203mm Shelf - 1515x407x271 - 44.00kg. Now £368.97
Was £452.72
MT7+ 6/7 Gun Extra Tall - 1515x407x271 - 44.00kg. Now £368.97
Was £452.72
RD7+ 6/7 Rifle Cabinet - 1308x407x346 - 46.00kg. Now £389.34
Was £477.72
ST9+ 9 Gun Full - 1308x407x346 - 46.00kg. Now £389.34
Was £477.72
RL5+ 4/5 Rifle with 203mm Internal Locking Top - 1515x268x346 - 40.00kg. Now £396.68
Was £486.72
SL7+ 6/7 Gun with 203mm Internal Locking Top - 1515x407x271 - 44.00kg. Now £411.35
Was £504.72
MT9+ 9 Gun Extra Tall - 1515x407x346 - 54.00kg. Now £456.48
Was £560.10
SS9+ 9 Gun with 203mm Shelf - 1515x407x346 - 54.00kg. Now £468.24
Was £574.52
SL9+ 9 Gun with 203mm Internal Locking Top - 1515x407x346 - 54.00kg. Now £507.36
Was £622.52
RL7+ 6/7 Rifle with 203mm Internal Locking Top - 1515x407x346 - 54.00kg. Now £508.17
Was £623.52
Primary Use:
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Sentinel Plus Features:

For more selection, view our full range of Brattonsound Gun Safes.

The Sentinel Plus gun safe range are built and tested to exceed BS7558 the Sentinel plus offers a level of security that is higher than the current police requiremets. With storage capacity of between 5 and 9 guns and options for housing scoped rifles, extra tall guns and ammunition, Sentinel Plus is an excellent choice for the seasoned shooter.

For larger capacities, the Brattonsound Titan series gun safes are build to the same specificiations as the Sentinel Plus and can hold up to 28 shotguns or 20 scoped rifles.

  • Double skinned vault type door
  • 5 point locking with electro-plated solid steel locking pins
  • 7 lever double throw lock with double bitted key
  • Radial tumbler lock on internal compartment (locking top models)
  • Models SS5+, SL5+, ST7+, SS7+, SL7+, ST9+, SS9+ and SL9+ are NOT suitable for rifles with scopes
  • Models MT5+, MT7+ and MT9+ are suitable for longer shotguns/rifles
  • Models RL5+, RD7+ and RL7+ are suitable for scoped rifles and shotguns

Designed, Engineered and Built in Britain, every Brattonsound gunsafe is manufactured to strict ISO 9001 and BS7558 quality standards.

Features On All Brattonsound Gun Safes

  • Comprehensive 3 year on-site warranty in the mainland UK and Northern Ireland
  • Police acceptance guaranteed
  • Strong 2mm thick fully welded construction (including fully welded top)
  • Full length anti-jemmy bar
  • Full length anti-lever flange and door interlock
  • Recessed door
  • High density foam divider and floor mat
  • Outstandingly durable powder coated finish
  • 14mm fixing holes in back and base


  • Shelves - Full width shelves, spaced to your requirements, can be fitted in all models.
  • Hinged Left Hand Side - As standard all models are hinged on the right - Sentinel and Sentinel Plus models can be hinged on the left as an option. Please note: on Sentinel models this will result in the keyholes being upside down, although the operation of the gunsafe is unaffected.
  • Fixing Bolts - We can supply fixing bolts for securing any of our gunsafes to a brick or concrete wall. These are well sized to make fixing the gunsafe as straightforward as possible. Call us for advice about fixing to other types of wall such as breeze block or timber framed houses.
  • Full installations also available.